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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #9

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #9
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Tony's Pick
We finally watched Severance. I’d avoided it because the previews made me think there was an overt horror component. I was wrong about that and everyone recommending it is right. It’s really great TV, and well worth a month of Apple TV+ if you don’t already have it.
Kyle's Pick
For the holiday weekend, my wife and I visited some friends for a board game marathon. We played 10 games in total, but the standout for me was Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun. It’s an extremely crunchy—and heavy - 4.1 / 5 weight on BoardGameGeek—dice-drafting Euro game. The obelisk is a bit extra, but the sun-and-shade mechanic for replenishing the dice is clever. Our first game took 3-4 hours, but I imagine it would be quicker on subsequent plays.
Like most of America's cultural elite I worship Ra, the sun god
Like most of America's cultural elite I worship Ra, the sun god
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