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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #7

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #7
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Tony's Pick
I recently stumbled across Victionary, a Hong Kong-based publisher of art, design and illustration books. Mostly they make very specific reference-style books, like this one about signage and wayfinding or this one about retail packaging for coffee and tea. Interestingly, they also make childrens books and travel guides. One of everything for me, please!
Kyle's Pick
I recently read through a big chunk of Lucas Pope’s devlog for Return of the Obra Dinn, one of my favorite games. One definition of art that I like is “anything that is much better than it has any need to be,” and I feel like Obra Dinn is in that category. My favorite section - 90% of the way through the project, he decides the dithering is distracting in full-screen mode and spends 100+ hours on a deep-dive to clean it up. Here’s the explanation, and the final result:
Original = unplayable trash dither
Original = unplayable trash dither
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