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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #29

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #29
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Between moving and traveling, we missed last week’s newsletter. We at Mostly Bits have set an extremely high standard for ourselves and we failed to live up to that. We are very sorry and we have taken steps to address the problem so that it never happens again.
As atonement, enjoy this week’s special Halloween-themed issue.

Tony's Eerie Pick
If thoughtful, interactively illustrated explanations of everyday things sounds interesting to you, I hope you know about Bartosz Ciechanowski. If not, you’re in for a treat (no trick, though.) He recently published a treatise on sound that is really incredible.
It's air in a box
It's air in a box
Kyle's Scary Pick
I have heard rumblings around citizen science for a while, but not seen much in the wild. I was excited to find a post from Nicky Case about a ~160 day Potato Diet experiment via SLIME MOLD TIME MOLD. One of the hypotheses for why this diet works is the high amount of potassium in potatoes, and SMTM is running a follow-up study around potassium supplementation. Looking forward to the results!
Nicky Case rarely & begrudgingly uses this site
(content note: dieting)

🥔 Update to the @mold_time Potato Diet citizen-science study I participated in!

I recorded my weight for ~40 days of full potato, ~50 days of post-potato, then ~50 days of self-experiment half-potato. The results seem robust, and encouraging!

(In the end, the Halloween theme was inside you all along.)
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