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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #22

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #22
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Tony's Pick
More space stuff from me this week. You may have heard that the Artemis I mission is set to launch this week as a trial run for the systems that will send humans back to the moon. If you’re a space nerd like me then you probably also know that the SLS rocket and capsule are a cobbled together Frankenstein’s monster of tech from the cancelled Constellation project and the Space Shuttle. My official pick is this video from the YouTube channel Real Engineering about the SLS, but this mostly an excuse to share this crazy fact: it’s not just Space Shuttle tech - The SLS for Artemis I is literally built with engines salvaged from decommissioned Space Shuttles.
These engines have already been to space
These engines have already been to space
Kyle's Pick
Masahiro Sakurai, aka Daddy Sakurai, started a YouTube channel last week to share his insights on game development from 30+ years in the industry. There are only a few videos so far, but they’re a mix of game design tips (risk vs reward seems to be a theme for him) and technical details about designing for console hardware.
Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games
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