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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #20

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #20
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Tony's Pick
I’m a sucker for a minimal-nonsense deep dive into technical topics unrelated to my areas of expertise - especially infrastructure. Austin Vernon has several bangers. I’ll point you first to this one about smart grid if only because it provides a great overview of the US grid in general. If you have a good time with that, maybe check out this one on nuclear energy.
more like the alone star state, amirite
more like the alone star state, amirite
Kyle's Pick
I was bummed to hear that Zachtronics was shutting down after Last Call BBS. Their games always reflected a certain underlying obsession, whether it’s assembly programming in TIS-100 or their twist on Solitaire in Eliza.
To wit - here is a concept for a game that may have never proceeded past this chart.
Of course I have many memories and stories, but the one I want to share right now is the time @zachtronics posted this chart in Slack and said “What if we made a game that was entirely about milk?”

I feel like that exemplifies a lot, somehow.
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