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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #18
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Tony's Pick
Things are picking up steam in the CCS (carbon capture and store) space. I just learned about Noya, which is based on a clever premise. If you put DAC (direct air capture) tech in places where huge volumes of air are already moving, you get higher rates of capture and the cost to the move the air is already sunk. Their target: HVAC cooling towers. (I previously linked to Charm and Climeworks, which are great because you as an individual can pay for verifiable, durable carbon sequestration. )
You see, the air goes in and carbon comes out
You see, the air goes in and carbon comes out
Kyle's Pick
I was excited to hear that NuScale’s modular nuclear reactor design was officially certified this week. I don’t know enough about the mechanics of small-scale nuclear to know the immediate impact, but I’m generally supportive of approaches that allow for more iteration. Now that v1 has been approved, will the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) make it easier for new versions to be approved?
Some additional discussion about the cooling technology and links to alternative designs here.
Life needs more trunnions
Life needs more trunnions
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