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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #16
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Tony's Pick
This Slate article makes the case for the return of the residential hotel in the face of, and as a solution to, our growing affordable housing crisis. I never knew this was a thing outside of the old west, despite those episodes Season 2 of Mad Men when Don Draper lived in a hotel. I just thought it was an impossibly luxurious thing for a top ad executive to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Just chilling at home with my bud
Just chilling at home with my bud
Kyle's Pick
As someone working in the mental and behavioral health space, there’s been a lot of schadenfreude about the lax prescribing practices at a startup called Cerebral. I enjoyed this take that dove into topics like the regulatory frameworks around online prescribing, the relative risks of stimulants, and the complete lack of access to mental health. The conclusion seems to be that Cerebral was playing it fast-and-loose, but at worst probably not doing a ton of harm.
Bonus: There’s a link at the end to a medical board complaint against Cerebral’s psychiatrist cofounder. (These charges appear to pre-date the founding of Cerebral, but they are related to prescribing medications online.) Most clinical leaders I’ve worked with are exceptionally risk-averse, and this process gives me a bit of insight into why.
I'll take two of this doctor and call him in the morning, yummers
I'll take two of this doctor and call him in the morning, yummers
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