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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #13

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #13
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Tony's Pick
I’ve recently developed a small passion for ultramarathons, or foot races longer than a marathon. If you didn’t know, ultras have aid stations at various points along the race and it’s very common for runners to have a crew to help them. Check out Hayden Hawkes, in second place at the time, come in to the 30 mile aid station at the Western States 100 this past weekend. This is next level, like a pit stop at an IndyCar race!
arms up, shirts off
arms up, shirts off
Kyle's Pick
While in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, we tried out one of the escape rooms at the Palace of Fine Arts. (Highly recommended.) Unlike most of the other escape rooms I’ve done, this one was almost entirely computer-driven - no game master hitting the right buttons at the right times, no resetting of locks and keys and codes.
Here’s a short post from the Raspberry Pi team about the inner workings of one of the rooms. We got to see behind the scenes of one part of the new rooms and it was a giant mix of Raspberry Pis, touch screens, and sensors. Pretty neat!
This is why we can't have nice things
Like many others, we spent time this weekend figuring out how to react to the Roe v. Wade decision. Donate? Protest? Just wait and vote? This resource advises donating now—to on-the-ground aid orgs, not politicians—and getting involved at the local/state level later.
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