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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #10

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #10
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Sorry for the late send this week - it was all Kyle’s fault.

Tony's Pick
More content for the “neat hardware hacks” file. Charlie Gerard used inaudible sounds to send Stripe payment info as a kind of lo-fi wireless payment dubbed ultrasonic payments. I had no idea this tech was in widespread use already, mostly for creepy advertising stuff:
Advertising companies have used this technology to send out inaudible marketing beacons from TV ads to nearby phones running specific applications for targeted advertising for years 
Kyle's Pick
I didn’t know much about Francisco Goya beyond Saturn Devouring His Son, but this essay on The Easel was a fascinating read about his life and work. Many of his paintings featured groups of humans in a pyramid structure in the center. But over time scenes of leisurely picnics and children playing transformed into depictions of the horrors of war and increasing disillusionment. His final works were a series of dark murals called “The Black Paintings,” painted on the walls of his house.
"Too dead for soup? Oh well, more for me!" *happy slurping sounds*
"Too dead for soup? Oh well, more for me!" *happy slurping sounds*
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