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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #1

Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #1
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Welcome to our inaugural issue! Each week, Tony and Kyle will share something interesting we’ve been reading about or playing with. Sometimes we’ll also share a sneak peek of something we’re working on or a shared pick.
Some things we’re into and/or trying to get better at include programming, design, games, music, art, marketing, running, hardware, gadgets, and sustainability.

Tony's Pick
I find buildings fascinating, and the challenge of designing spaces for human use is very compelling to me. That’s why I aspire to design and build a house some day - and I can only hope I do as thorough and thoughtful a job as Emmanuel Quartey is doing with his family home.
Kyle's Pick
I’ve been working my way through some of the prototypes from Ludum Dare 50, where the theme was “delay the inevitable.” The latest event in the semi-annual game jam was this past weekend and voting is open for the next ~2 weeks. I’ve been on a big Daniel Mullins kick in 2022, so I was excited to try out BitBuddy™.
Sounds about right
Sounds about right
Sneak peek
Check out our new project, Presspool. 😼
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A short weekly update from Tony and Kyle with a mix of discoveries from our product journey and fun things we’ve found. We’ll also keep you posted on our current projects, experiments, and goofs.

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