Mostly Bits

A short weekly update from Tony and Kyle with a mix of discoveries from our product journey and fun things we’ve found. We’ll also keep you posted on our current projects, experiments, and goofs.

A short weekly update from Tony and Kyle with a mix of discoveries from our product journey and fun things we’ve found. We’ll also keep you posted on our current projects, experiments, and goofs.

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Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #34

Asterisk Magazine is a new online publication worth a gander. Is Wine Fake? was my entry point (despite the dumb title, a smart analysis), but other pieces are good too.


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #33

We launched our first Playdate game on yesterday, called Doink! It's a mini-roguelike paddle game that changes as you play. According to our first review, it's pretty fun!


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #32

Floor796 is a fun and weird internet art project. Give it 5 minutes of exploration!


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #31

I am generally against the development of pervasive surveillance in modern society, doubly so when it's controlled by giant tech companies with a history of dubious ethics and an insatiable need for growth. On the other hand, doorbell cameras are just so usef…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #30

I'm back with another tiny, independent publisher. KroneckerWellis offers esoterica like a book of Nikola Tesla's patents and a reprint of the Apollo 13 launch checklist. They also have cool posters. Check them out!(It seems like most or all of the content is…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #29

If thoughtful, interactively illustrated explanations of everyday things sounds interesting to you, I hope you know about Bartosz Ciechanowski. If not, you're in for a treat (no trick, though.) He recently published a treatise on sound that is really incredib…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #28

Teenage Engineering makes really beautiful hardware. (They made Playdate with Panic, icymi). The recently released PO-80 record factory is a lovely little device. Make your own records!


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #27

Continuing a trend with a previous pick, Oro is another small publisher with tons of beautiful books, mostly focused on architecture and urban design. I first learned about Emergent Tokyo (which is on the way!), but many of the other books look great too!


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #26

I've long supported the Long Now foundation's clock project and the Rosetta Project. I deeply appreciate the focus on communicating millennia into the future. That's probably why I loved this tweet thread about The Tripitaka Koreana. "52 million characters of…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #25

A lot of the datavis content that gets attention on the internet is more about looking cool than about improving understand of the data. This one is an exception for me. It communicates a lot of data quickly in a relatively obvious way, and with a clear narra…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #24

This demo is a real banger because it combines several newish technologies to create a valuable product that otherwise could not exist. Bonus: there's not a whiff of crypto bullshit.


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #23

Check out the Public Domain Review. It's a contemporary web publication that plumbs the depths of content in the public domain. They cleverly monetize the operation by selling prints of public domain images, among other things. Awesome! This greatly aligns wi…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #22

More space stuff from me this week. You may have heard that the Artemis I mission is set to launch this week as a trial run for the systems that will send humans back to the moon. If you're a space nerd like me then you probably also know that the SLS rocket …


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #21

You've probably heard of the "observable universe", or all places in the universe we can currently observe, which is essentially defined by the speed of light. Here's a new one for me: the "affectable universe", or the areas of the universe that we can affect…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #20

I'm a sucker for a minimal-nonsense deep dive into technical topics unrelated to my areas of expertise - especially infrastructure. Austin Vernon has several bangers. I'll point you first to this one about smart grid if only because it provides a great overvi…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #19

This tweet introduced me to the Flipper Zero. It's described as a "Multi-tool Device for Geeks" but it's much cooler than that. I have no need for it in my daily life, but that doesn't stop me from wanting one in my bag.


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #18

Things are picking up steam in the CCS (carbon capture and store) space. I just learned about Noya, which is based on a clever premise. If you put DAC (direct air capture) tech in places where huge volumes of air are already moving, you get higher rates of ca…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #17

Turns out people haven't wanted to work for a long time.


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #16

This Slate article makes the case for the return of the residential hotel in the face of, and as a solution to, our growing affordable housing crisis. I never knew this was a thing outside of the old west, despite those episodes Season 2 of Mad Men when Don D…


Mostly Bits Newsletter - Issue #15

I was recently introduced the STAR Voting system. It's an interesting alternative voting mechanism that combines score-based voting with runoffs. For use in capital-D Democratic processes, I'm not sure this is more grokable to the average voter than Ranked Ch…